How much can I earn with Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp groups are very popular and people manage a lot of groups with multiple options. I was getting a lot of emails which were asking me for ways to earn with social media. Using Whatsapp groups for income was one of the popular queries of the readers. How much can they earn with groups, what are the ways of earning and many more like this. This article will be precise for one query and after that I will be posting more such articles.

How much can I earn with Whatsapp Groups

Technically there is no limit of earnings through Whatsapp groups but factually most of the whatsapp group owners earn around $200- $700 per month. The income entirely depends on the way group admins are monetising.
If you want to sell your own products, then how much orders you are getting, the margin ration will help you calculate your earnings. We did analysis on different users and here is what we concluded.

Earning estimations of different Whatsapp Groups

  S.No Type of Whatsapp Group Average Earnings (per month) Way of generating Revenue
 1  Whatsapp Groups for Ecommerce     $650-$700  Sales / Affiliates
 2  Whatsapp Groups for Link Promotion  $200 -$250  Website Advertisements / Affiliates
 3  Whatsapp Groups for Affiliate Marketing     $350- $450  Affiliate Promotions
 4  Whatsapp Groups for Services (Lawyers / doctors / engineers / tutors)  $600- $700   Service Charge
 5    Whatsapp Groups for Online Counselling  $200 – $300  Service Charge
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