How to buy Chainlink Stock How to buy Chainlink Stock

How to buy Chainlink Stock

Chainlink is the latest trend in crypto world which is DeFi based stock. Here we will help you out to buy the Chainlink Stock.

How to buy Chainlink Stock How to buy Chainlink Stock
Chainlink Stock

How to Buy Chainlink Stock

1. Create free account on Binance

Binance allows users to purchase Chainlink with their local currencies. No matter which country you live in, you will be able to buy Chainlink (LINK) using their market. You can also use existing coins like BTC, Ethereum and exchange them with link stock.

Click here to register your free account on Binance.

2. Submit the purchase request using Debit / Credit Card

Once you have the account ready on Binance, you can proceed to place the purchase order. To do that :

  1. Go to the Binance trade exchange.
  2. Search for the Chainlink coin.
  3. Use Cash as payment option and place a purchase request with quantity and target purchase price.
  4. Wait for the order execution.

3. That is it

Once the order is executed you will get the coins in your virtual Chainlink wallet.


If you get stuck anywhere you can contact us or drop down your comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Binance is the safest crypto exchange we know. You can keep your belongings here. I personally hold majority of my crypto coins on a Binance.

How to buy Chainlink Stock
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How to buy Chainlink Stock
Purchase the Chainlink stocks on the most reliable and trusted crypto exchange. Use your local currency ( Debit Card or Credit Card), Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance coin to purchase LINK coins
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