How to force stop Whatsapp on iPhone

If you are having problem in using whatsapp on iPhone and you want to force restart the application, then this article is perfect for you, Without wasting much time let us quickly jump to the steps that will help you out with the solution.

How to force stop whatsapp on iPhone

How to force stop Whatsapp on iPhone

For iPhone models without physical dedicated Home Button
  • Keep your finger on bottom of the screen and swipe it slightly upwards.
  • Now from the grid of recent open apps, find whatsapp.
  • Tap on the app and without lifting your finger, swipe the app upwards.
  • This will force stop your opened Whatsapp application.
For iPhone models with the physical home button
  • Double press the home button.
  • Now from grid of the recent apps, select Whatsapp.
  • Swipe up the application.
  • Whatsapp will be stopped forcefully.
You can launch the app again anytime. Though with my personal experience I am telling you that generally if you keep your iPhone on the OS version which was provided from the factory, then there is almost zero chances that you might have to do this force restart stuff.
In case, if you have any query, you can ask the question below in comments section.
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