How to redirect Blogger to Custom Domain

Google Blogger is a popular CMS which helps to build websites. When you start, google offers free domain with “.blogspot” extension. But when blog starts getting famous, people opt for the custom domain names.

When i started this blog, i was using “” and now i am using the same content on “”. There are many benefits of having a custom domain. For now i will not go in those details, but rather will try to give the precise details of mapping custom domain to Google Blogspot blogs.

Redirect Blogger to Custom Domain

  1. Login to your Google Blogger account.
  2. Now go to Settings -> Basics.
  3. Click on “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog”
  4. Enter the name of your domain name and save.
  5. You will see the details of CNAME records, Copy it.
  6. Now login to your Domain provider account and go to manage DNS.
  7. Now paste the copied CNAME records and proceed.
    1. After that, Add the following A Records:
  8. Save the settings and wait for few hours.
  9. Your blog will be mapped to your custom domain now.


  • Cross check you have mentioned the correct domain name.
  • Veirfy that you have added CNAME & A Records are added in DNS Settings of Domain name.
  • Contact the customer support if problem still persists.
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