Join Delhi Dentist Whatsapp Group Links

Hello my Doctor Friends. This post is specifically for all the Dentists who are in Delhi. You can find a common platform to interact and share your challenges. You will get free Whatsapp Group links where you will find all Delhi based Dentists. The groups are absolutely free to use and you have option to enter / exit them anytime.

Delhi Dentist Whatsapp Group Links Collection

  • Delhi Prosthodontists  -> Link
  • Dentist Delhi Association Whatsapp Group -> Link
  • Dental Delhi Whatsapp Group  -> Link
  • Implant Surgeon Whatsapp Group -> Link
  • Dental Fresher Group -> Link
  • Rohini Dental Clinics Whatsapp Group -> LInk
  • Pitam Pura Dental -> Link
  • North Delhi Whatsapp Group for Dentists -> Link
  • Janka Puri Whatsapp Dentals  -> Link

Steps to Join

  1. Click any of the group link given above on device running Whatsapp.
  2. Whatsapp will open and show you the pop up to Join the Group.
  3. Accept the request and Enjoy.

Rules :

  1. You should be 18+.
  2. You should never share their personal photos or videos.
  3. Never abuse or disrespect other group members.
  4. Do not Use offensive & Abusive language.
  5. Do not change the Group name or the group profile.
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