Mr Butter Chicken Australia | Man Travels 32 Kilometers For Punjabi Butter Chicken, Ends Up Getting $1,652 Fine For Breaking Lockdown Rules

A 48-year-old Melbourne resident — who is half-Indian —was slapped with a hefty fine of Rs 86,000 ($1652 AUD) for violating lockdown rules after he travelled 32 km to satisfy his craving for butter chicken. There’s some relief for him though — the restaurant the man was trying to reach has announced free butter chicken for him for a year. Noel Atkinson, a construction worker, drove from Melbourne’s suburb of Werribee to the city centre — a distance of 32 km — in search of butter chicken on Friday night.

Mr Butter Chicken Australia
Mr Butter Chicken Australia 

He was pulled over by cops just metres from his destination. “Since it was after 11pm, all restaurants in my area were closed and I wanted to have butter chicken. I grew up eating Indian food since my mother is from Ambala. I finally found one restaurant that was open but there was no home delivery to my place due to the distance. So I decided to go there,” Atkinson told TOI.

They say if you really love something passionately, the whole universe aligns to make you reach it and something this filmy happened with aMelbourne man who violated lockdown restrictions, driven by his love for butter chicken.

Mr Atkinson said police didn’t find his excuse a good enough reason to leave home. “I told police I was out to buy food but was ordered to go home. Cops followed me for some time to make sure I was headed back,” he said.
 The restaurant behind Mr Atkinson’s cravings, Desi Dhaba, has offered to soften the blow of the fine by providing free butter chicken for a year – once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Mr Atkinson said he plans to contest his fine as he doesn’t think the rules “are clear on how far a person is allowed to travel for food or takeaway”.

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